12th Annual FGPL Book Sale

October 19-21, 2018

69 Huron St., Guelph

Total raised from previous sales
$630,000+ !!!

Where to Park?

Donations for this year’s book sale are no longer being accepted. Thank you!

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Book Sale News...

Another generous donation!

Jenn Haines, who owns the Dragon book store here in Guelph, has donated about 1500 like-new graphic novels of all kinds for all ages of reader. These will be in a separate display at the book sale. We are profoundly indebted to Jenn for this incredibly generous donation!

A free book for every child…

The book sale has once again received a generous donation from our anonymous donor, to allow us to give a free children’s book to every child, accompanied by a parent, who visits the sale. We are very grateful for this repeated kindness and generosity.