Who are the Friends of the Guelph Public Library?

We are an arms-length group of community volunteers who believe that the Guelph Public Library is a necessary & vital community institution.

We support the goals of the Library.

We volunteer to make a great library even better.

We promote the Library in the community through special programs, fundraising, and advocacy.

Our main fundraiser is our annual GIANT book sale.

To date the sale has raised more than $750,000 to assist the library with current programming and to be available for use when a new main library is re-built

The New Guelph Main Library is Neither Cancelled nor Delayed!

There is, unfortunately, misinformation circulating.  Please do what you can to disseminate this correction.

The new main library is a key anchor of the planned Baker Street development.  That has not changed.  When the Baker Street redevelopment proceeds, the Library will proceed.  The Library was NEVER dependent upon Federal funding.  City staff recommended a funding plan based on development charges, proceeds of sale of the existing library and property taxes. This was approved by Council on September 16, 2019, https://guelph.ca/wp-content/uploads/council_agenda_091619-revised.pdf

Council authorized staff to apply for Federal funding but the funding strategy put forward by City staff did not factor in funds from other levels of government.  Any funding from the Federal government would have been a bonus!  Over $16 million of Development Charges is available and was factored into the strategy.

The funding plan is in place.  The project will proceed with no additional tax burden on citizens beyond what has been incorporated into the Baker Street Redevelopment Project from the beginning.

There will be information coming to Council in early October. We will need your help and support to continue to move this important community project forward.


2020 Book Sale – Cancelled

The steering committee of the Friends of the Guelph Public Library Giant Book Sale has taken the devastating decision that, to protect the health of volunteers and the sale’s many, many supporters, the 2020 sale must be cancelled.

This is particularly disappointing this year, as the committee had hoped that profits from the 2020 sale would put the gift-for-the-new-library investment over $1 million.

The Friends of the Library appreciate sincerely the community support for this event over the past 14 years, and the fact that that support mirrors community support for the Library as an institution and Guelph’s need for a new main library facility.


If donors are able to retain potential book donations to 2021, the committee would be very grateful.

Those wishing to continue to support this worthy cause by donating some of the money they might have spent at the sale in 2020 can do so through The Friends website. Look for the “Donate Now” button on the home page.