Revenue from annual book sales



Who are the Friends of the Guelph Public Library?

We are an arms-length group of community volunteers who believe that the Guelph Public Library is a necessary & vital community institution.

We support the goals of the Library.

We volunteer to make a great library even better.

We promote the Library in the community through special programs, fundraising, and advocacy.

Our main fundraiser is our annual GIANT book sale.

To date the sale has raised nearly $900,000 to assist the library with current programming and to be available for use when a new main library is re-built

Alan Pickersgill, 1946-2021

The Friends of the Guelph Public Library mourn the recent passing of our staunch friend, Alan Pickersgill. Alan passed away after a fight with cancer on February 3, 2021. From his obituary in Guelph Today, “Alan was a writer and photographer. He was a voracious reader and knew the value of public libraries to their communities.” Alan was also an Executive Member and Treasurer of the Friends of the Guelph Public Library for many years. He played a crucial role in making the annual book sales successful. Anyone fortunate enough to have known Alan will remember his ever-present smile, mischievous sense of humour, and deep commitment to social justice. The sympathies of the Friends are with Lynne and his family.   [Photo credit – Guelph Today]


Your donations are welcome!

Did you miss the Giant Book Sale as much as we did?

October just doesn’t seem right without it!

Book sale profits have grown every year for the past 14.  After expenses, most of the revenue is invested in the Guelph Community Foundation with the intention that when the City finally breaks ground on the new main library the Friends of the Library will make a substantial gift to the Library.

Presently, the investment totals nearly $900,000.  Had the 2020 book sale taken place, there is little doubt we could have put it over $1,000,000!  What an accomplishment that would have been in this sad year!

If you are one who reviews you charitable givings at this time of the year with a view to your year-end tax situation, please consider donating money you would have spent at the Book Sale, to the Friends of the Guelph Public library, to be added to the investment.

It works best for us if you make your donation through Canada Helps. You will receive a tax receipt immediately.

Covid willing, the Giant Book Sale will be back next year.  In the meantime, please consider this alternative.

Thank you!