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Who are the Friends of the Guelph Public Library?


We are an arms-length group of community volunteers who believe that the Guelph Public Library is a necessary & vital community institution.

We support the goals of the Library.

We volunteer to make a great library even better.

We promote the Library in the community through special programs, fundraising, and advocacy.

Our main fundraiser is our annual GIANT book sale.

To date the sale has raised more than $750,000 to assist the library with current programming and to be available for use when a new main library is re-built.




Capital Budget Meeting – A word from the Chair

The purpose of this meeting is to approve the City’s long-term building plan which consists of projects already approved as part of the City’s Strategic Plan. The issue which will generate discussion is the fact that the cost of these projects, in their totality, will necessitate a property tax increase of 2.19% to be phased in over 3 years.

The Baker St. District redevelopment, which includes the Library, is only one of eight projects included in this initiative. However, in the report from City staff titled “Council Memo – City Building Funding Implications” the library is described as the “FIRST PRIORITY [emphasis mine] for City Building investment in the downtown”.

The report goes on to advise that any delay in implementation of the Baker Street redevelopment would, among other things, result in lost revenue for the City in the form of both property taxes and increased spending in the downtown, as well as the cost of the enormous amount of staff time already expended on this initiative. There would also be penalty costs from the company already engaged to lead the entire Baker Street initiative.

In particular the staff recommendation notes that the new Central Library, the anchor of the Baker St. development, has already been approved by council, including both its size and projected cost. Delay would see costs escalate and “likely public confidence erode”. (Note: The full staff report can be found on page 9 of the consolidated meeting agenda for this week’s budget meeting.)

The members of the Executive of The Friends of the Guelph Public Library appreciate your support. If you choose to attend the November 13 meeting we would ask that you approach it anticipating that it will be positive.

Virginia Gillham,
Chair, Friends of the Guelph Public Library


Capital Budget Meeting – November 13, 4-10pm

Please attend the City of Guelph 2020 Capital Budget meeting on Wednesday, November 13th. Use this link to view the consolidated agenda for important background information about the library and other capital projects. You may have heard or read about new pressures that Council faces with respect to looming large-scale projects. That is why it is more important than ever to attend this meeting to show City Council that you continue to support moving ahead with the Main Library/Baker St. Redevelopment Project as it was approved by Council earlier this fall.

Please come to this special Council meeting on November 13 and show your Mayor and Council that this is not a time to hesitate or retreat. And please note that the start time of this special meeting is 4:00pm.


Book Sale Survey – Draw Winner

Thank you to the nearly 130 people who answered our book sale survey! We hope to make the sale better every year as a result of your feedback. Congratulations to this year’s draw winner, Ed Butts. The link to the questionnaire will stay up for a little while longer if you wanted to respond but hadn’t found the time. Thank you Market Fresh for supplying this wonderful gift basket prize!