Annual General Meeting – April 24, 2024

Main Library, 2nd Floor, 7:00pm

Guest Speaker

Dan Atkins

(Acting) CEO – Guelph Public Library

Dan is deeply rooted in his community and passionate about library services. He earned a Master’s Degree in Library Science from the University of Toronto, accompanied by two advanced diplomas in Public Library Leadership. Since 2006, Dan has been an integral part of the Guelph Public Library, beginning his journey as a Reference Librarian before assuming leadership roles overseeing the Bookmobile, Bullfrog Mall Branch, and the Westminster Square Branch. In 2014, he joined the senior management team as the Director of Operations. Now serving as the Acting CEO, Dan remains steadfast in his commitment to advancing the library’s mission as a beacon of democracy and inclusivity within the community.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Explanation of how to view AGM documents (paperless)
  3. Approval of the Agenda
  4. Declaration of pecuniary interest
  5. Approval of the Minutes of the AGM of April 19, 2023
  6. Business arising from the 2023 Minutes, not listed on the agenda
  7. Chair’s Report
  8. Correspondence
  9. Treasurer’s Report
    -Year-End 2023/24 Financial Statement
    -Auditor’s Report
    -2024-25 FGPL Budget
  10. Book Sale Report
  11. 2024 Book Sale Site Search Committee Report
  12. Finance Committee Report
  13. Governance Committee Report
    -Code of Conduct
    -Code of Conduct Policy
    -Code of Conduct Incident Form
    -FGPL Strategic Planning Membership Survey
  14. Nominating Committee Report
  15. Election of new Executive for 2024-27
  16. Presentation of Honorary Life Time Members
  17. Other Business
  18. Motion to Adjourn

Introduction of Guest Speakers

Guest Speaker

Kathryn Elton

Campaign Advisory Committee, New Central Library

k_elton - Edited_1

Kathryn is delighted to be serving as a volunteer member of the Campaign Advisory Committee for the new Central Library. Her 35 year career in marketing and fundraising grew through her work in support of the Guelph Spring Festival, the Homewood Foundation and the University of Guelph. Most recently during ten years living in Toronto she held leadership fundraising roles for the Massey Hall revitalization campaign and St Michael’s College at the University of Toronto. Now retired, Kathryn is delighted to be back home in Guelph with husband Peter Hohenadel, daughter Anna and their large extended family.