Thank you for volunteering for this year’s book sale!

Our annual success is all thanks to you! Please click on any of the buttons (below) to sign up for this year’s sale. You will be taken to a website called When prompted please fill in your full name and email address. Once you are signed in to just follow the directions to select specific tasks on specific dates, and remember to SAVE your choices.

Click on one – or more – of the FOUR buttons to start selecting your choices.

Yes, you can sign up to do as many things as you think you can manage!

Pre-Sale Set-up Tasks

August 24, 25, 28th

Before anyone even starts to sort our donations we need to set up the sale space. This means moving furniture – some of it pretty heavy – and setting up dozens of tables and chairs.  Each of the special areas for the sorters and the sale need to be set up at this time. ALL OF THESE TASKS ARE DONE IN AUGUST. If you can help with the set-up please click on this button and choose the morning or afternoon shifts when you can help on Aug. 24, 25, or 28.

Questions?  Email Carole & Carol, Sale Weekend Coordinators

Sorting and Disposal

September & October

Note: no new sorting volunteers accepted after Sept. 23

“Sorters” are needed from early September until the week before the sale in October. The main task of the sorter is to examine incoming donations, categorize, and then move items to the appropriate locations in the sale site. You must attend a mandatory training session in the first week of September, whether you are a new or returning volunteer.  To sign up use the blue button, below.

Disposal crew are responsible for moving items that are unsuitable for the sale to designated disposal areas on the sale site. Interested volunteers must attend a mandatory training session in the first week of September. To sign up use the blue button, below.

Questions? Email Sandi, Sorting Coordinator

Sale Weekend

October 20-22

There are 6 shifts over the 3 days of the sale weekend. We need volunteers who can handle cash, tally customer purchases, monitor the doors, sale tables and floor. Prior to the sale weekend you must attend one mandatory training session. Click on the button below to sign up for both the mandatory training session and the tasks you would like to do. You should sign up for only ONE task per shift, but you can sign up for several shifts over the course of the weekend. The sale coordinators make every effort to assign you to the task you’d like to do, but may need to move you to a task that is under-subscribed but urgently needed.

To read a description of SALE WEEKEND TASKS from the 2016 training manual, please click here.

Questions? Email Carole & Carol, Sale Weekend Coordinators

Post-Sale Cleanup

October 23-26

It ain’t over ’til it’s over! We need strong people in the four or five days following the sale to help box up left-overs, get the site tidied up, and move our tables, chairs and sale site paraphernalia back to winter storage. If you can help during one of the shifts this week, click the button below.

Questions? Email Nancy, Post Sale Coordinator