Lend us your brains!

We need your imagination. Help us to develop new and innovative projects, programs and services that would support our Guelph Public Library.

We are having a brainstorming session on Thursday, May 25th, for one hour beginning at 4:30pm in the program room on the second floor of the Main Library, 100 Norfolk St.

No special experience or knowledge is required. We will provide you with a 1-page backgrounder to help you think about future projects. You will also get a list of potential projects that you can rate for us.

If you have questions about this invitation or would like to participate please rsvp to: paulyoung@rogers.com or phone/text 519-821-2793. Please leave your name and contact information. Beyond this brainstorming session, no further involvement will be asked of you unless you want it. For now we just want your thoughts and ideas.

The Friends of the Guelph Public Library is continually looking for potential projects to develop. We currently list the following as programs delivered by our members:

  • giant used booksale (over $500,000 raised so far in support of the GPL)
  • made the lead gift of $10,000 to establish the Library’s endowment fund.
  • supported the cost of two pieces of library-related art.
  • funded the purchase of the new cell phone charging unit in the main library.
  • supported the cost of the internal fittings for the new bookmobile.
  • agreed to fund a program to provide library packages including board books for each of the more than 1,600 babies born in Guelph every year.

No potential project idea is too small or large. Projects may be programs that we independently run or events that we develop in conjunction with the Library. They should have a target audience or beneficiary. Projects may have a strong partnership with other organizations/agencies. They could be a continuing annual/monthly program/event/contribution or a one off. They could have a fundraising component, or be solely for the enjoyment and benefit of participants.

We look to you for your experience and imagination to help us grow, make our organization even more relevant and valuable. The scope of potential projects is:
‘learning, experiencing and growing together’.

For more information or to sign up contact: Paul Young paulyoung@rogers.com; phone/text 519-821-2793