The book sale needs a new home

The 2016 Friends of the Library book sale took place in the very large warehouse facility at 69 Huron St owned by the W.C.Woods family. The Friends are grateful to the Woods family for allowing us to use that space.
When the sale ended, we had reason to hope that we might be able to use the same site again in 2017. That possibility has not been eliminated entirely; however it cannot be confirmed at this time, and it has been suggested that we would be wise to seek another location.
We need to have the sale site confirmed no later than June 1 to allow planning to proceed, as hands-on sale preparation begins in early August. Time is, therefore, short for us to find another location. We hope there is someone reading this who has a connection that will assist us in our search. It would be disappointing in the extreme to have to cancel the sale after ten increasingly successful years.

The situation is as follows:

   We need a minimum of 20,000 sq. ft. of ground level space (we used 30,000 in 2016) with washroom facilities, reasonably good lighting and a loading door. We need this space for at least the months of September and October and preferably also for the month of August.

  We are insured by the City of Guelph, and we are good and responsible tenants, as previous hosts will attest. We leave things completely cleaned up and in at least as good condition as we received them.

  We cannot afford to pay rent, but we are a registered charity and could offer a tax receipt. Helpful leads will be very much appreciated.

Virginia Gillham, Chair
Friends of the Guelph Public Library