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Sale Days

September 20-24

(Training Days – Sep 13, 14, 15, 16)
We need  volunteers for 8 shifts over 5 days of the sale this year.

On Sale Days, be a Door Monitor, Floor Monitor or Table Monitor, or do Tally or Cash.

We are in the same smaller location as last year, and the sale will have 8 shifts. While you should sign up for only ONE task per shift, we encourage you to sign up for several shifts, using the “SignUp” button, below. For a full description of each of the tasks click on the 2023 Sale Days Training Manual Image, above.

Sale Days volunteers are required to attend a training session. This is important because we have made changes to our layout and crowd control measures from last year. You can sign up for one of he required training sessions using the “SignUp ” button below.

Volunteers must be physically capable of doing he tasks that they sign up for. In addition, volunteers on Tally and Cash must have the mathematical ability to perform their tasks.

Click on the SignUp button to choose a date and time when you are available for training and to help us with the sale.

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For further information, please contact your Sale Days Coordinators, Lynn and Susan at

Please note that this SignUp schedule is for the use of volunteers in the Adult section of the sale.

Post-Sale Cleanup

September 25-29

It ain’t over ’til it’s over! We need plenty of strong (and some not-so strong) people in the four or five days following the sale to help box up left-overs, get the site tidied up, and move our tables, chairs and sale site paraphernalia back to winter storage.

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May through October

Join the marketing committee to publicize the book sale. Tasks may include media relations, online event promotions, social media, poster and bookmark distribution, outreach events, etc.

For more info and about how you can help to promote the sale contact: