To volunteer for the 2020 book sale use this link to get to SIGNUP.COM

Descriptions of each type of activity are listed below.

You can sign up for one type of activity, or several.

You will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator for your chosen activity sometime in the summer or early fall of 2020 to tell you that it is time to sign up for specific scheduled tasks.

Pre-Sale Site Setup – 1


Volunteers are needed to move and set up tables and other sale furniture in the sale location at the beginning of the sale sorting period. You must be physically able to lift and carry.

Sorting & Disposal Crew

September & October

“Sorters” are needed from just after Labour Day until the week leading up to the sale weekend. The main task of the sorter is to examine incoming donations, categorize, and then move items to the appropriate locations at the sale site. You must attend a mandatory training session in the first week of September, whether you are a new or returning volunteer.

Disposal crew are responsible for moving items that are unsuitable for the sale to the designated disposal areas on the sale site. Interested volunteers must attend a training session in the first week of September.

Pre-Sale Site Setup – 2

Immediately Before Sale, October

Volunteers are needed before the sale weekend to help move from sorting mode to sale mode: moving of tables and chairs, hanging of signs, posters, curtains and other tasks. It’s about two days of work immediately after sorting is finished in the week in October leading up to the sale weekend.

Sale Weekend

Late October (2020 date to be determined)

There are 6 shifts over the 3 days of the sale weekend. We need volunteers who can handle cash, tally customer purchases, monitor the doors, sale tables and floor. Prior to the sale weekend you must attend one mandatory training session. You should sign up for only ONE task per shift, but you can sign up for several shifts over the course of the weekend. The sale coordinators make every effort to assign you to the task you’d like to do, but may need to move you to a task that is under-subscribed but urgently needed.

To read a description of SALE WEEKEND TASKS from the 2019 training manual, please click here.

Post-Sale Cleanup


The week following the sale

It ain’t over ’til it’s over! We need plenty of strong (and some not-so strong) people in the four or five days following the sale to help box up left-overs, get the site tidied up, and move our tables, chairs and sale site paraphernalia back to winter storage.

Marketing Committee

May through October

Join the marketing committee to help to promote the book sale. Tasks include arranging for public signage, media relations, online event promotions, social media, poster/bookmark distribution, outreach events, etc.